Public Finance

CHAPTER 35-1.1
Office of Management and Budget

SECTION 35-1.1-3

§ 35-1.1-3. Director of management and budget – Appointment and responsibilities.

(a) Within the department of administration there shall be a director of management and budget who shall be appointed by the director of administration with the approval of the governor. The director shall be responsible to the governor and director of administration for supervising the office of management and budget and for managing and providing strategic leadership and direction to the budget officer, the performance management office, and the federal grants management office.

(b) The director of management and budget shall be responsible to:

(1) Oversee, coordinate, and manage the functions of the budget officer as set forth by chapter 3 of this title; program performance management as set forth by § 35-3-24.1; approval of agreements with federal agencies defined by § 35-3-25; and budgeting, appropriation, and receipt of federal monies as set forth by chapter 41 of title 42;

(2) Manage federal fiscal proposals and guidelines and serve as the state clearinghouse for the application of federal grants;

(3) Maximize the indirect cost recoveries by state agencies set forth by § 35-4-23.1; and

(4) Undertake a comprehensive review and inventory of all reports filed by the executive office and agencies of the state with the general assembly. The inventory should include, but not be limited to: the type, title, and summary of reports; the author(s) of the reports; the specific audience of the reports; and a schedule of the reports' release. The inventory shall be presented to the general assembly as part of the budget submission on a yearly basis. The office of management and budget shall also make recommendations to consolidate, modernize the reports, and to make recommendations for elimination or expansion of each report.

History of Section.
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