Public Finance

Medical Assistance and Public Assistance Caseload Estimating Conferences

SECTION 35-17-1

§ 35-17-1. Purpose and membership.

(a) In order to provide for a more stable and accurate method of financial planning and budgeting, it is hereby declared the intention of the legislature that there be a procedure for the determination of official estimates of anticipated medical assistance expenditures and public assistance caseloads, upon which the executive budget shall be based and for which appropriations by the general assembly shall be made.

(b) The state budget officer, the house fiscal advisor, and the senate fiscal advisor shall meet in regularly scheduled caseload estimating conferences (C.E.C.). These conferences shall be open public meetings.

(c) The chairpersonship of each regularly scheduled C.E.C. will rotate among the state budget officer, the house fiscal advisor, and the senate fiscal advisor, hereinafter referred to as principals. The schedule shall be arranged so that no chairperson shall preside over two (2) successive regularly scheduled conferences on the same subject.

(d) Representatives of all state agencies are to participate in all conferences for which their input is germane.

(e) The department of human services shall provide monthly data to the members of the caseload estimating conference by the fifteenth day of the following month. Monthly data shall include, but is not limited to, actual caseloads and expenditures for the following case assistance programs: Rhode Island Works, SSI state program, general public assistance, and child care. The executive office of health and human services shall report relevant caseload information and expenditures for the following medical assistance categories: hospitals, long-term care, managed care, pharmacy, and other medical services. In the category of managed care, caseload information and expenditures for the following populations shall be separately identified and reported: children with disabilities, children in foster care, and children receiving adoption assistance. The information shall include the number of Medicaid recipients whose estate may be subject to a recovery and the anticipated amount to be collected from those subject to recovery, the total recoveries collected each month and number of estates attached to the collections and each month, the number of open cases and the number of cases that have been open longer than three months.

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