Title 35
Public Finance

Chapter 3
State Budget

R.I. Gen. Laws § 35-3-24.1

§ 35-3-24.1. Program performance measurement.

(a) Beginning with the fiscal year ending June 30, 1997, the governor shall submit, as part of each budget submitted to the general assembly pursuant to § 35-3-7, performance objectives for each program in the budget for the ensuing fiscal year, estimated performance data for the fiscal year in which the budget is submitted, and actual performance data for the preceding two (2) completed fiscal years. Performance data shall include efforts at achieving equal opportunity hiring goals as defined in the department’s annual affirmative action plan. The governor shall, in addition, recommend appropriate standards against which to measure program performance. Performance in prior years may be used as a standard where appropriate. These performance standards shall be stated in terms of results obtained.

(b) The governor may submit, in lieu of any part of the information required to be submitted pursuant to subsection (a), an explanation of why the information cannot as a practical matter be submitted.

(c)(1) The office of management and budget shall be responsible for managing and collecting program performance measures on behalf of the governor. The office is authorized to conduct performance reviews and audits of agencies to determine the manner and extent to which executive branch agencies achieve intended objectives and outcomes.

(2) In order to collect performance measures from agencies, review performance, and provide recommendations, the office of budget and management is authorized to coordinate with the office of internal audit regarding the findings and recommendations that result from audits conducted by the office.

(3) In order to facilitate the office of management and budget’s performance reviews, agencies must generate and provide timely access to records, reports, analyses, audits, reviews, documents, papers, recommendations, contractual deliverables, or other materials available relating to agency programs and operations.

(4) In order to ensure alignment of executive branch agency operations with the state’s priorities, the office of management and budget may produce, with all necessary cooperation from executive branch agencies, analyses and recommendations to improve program performance, conduct evidence-based budgeting, and respond to sudden shifts in policy environments.

(5) In order to gain insight into performance or outcomes and inform policymaking and program evaluation, the office of management and budget may lead, manage, and/or coordinate interagency and cross-system collaboration or integration initiatives.

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