Public Finance

State Budget

SECTION 35-3-4.2

§ 35-3-4.2. Zero base budget review.

(a) The chairperson of the house finance committee and/or the chairperson of the senate finance committee may, from time to time, designate one or more departments to submit zero base budgets. The committee(s) shall consider the objectives, operations, measures of performance, and costs of all activities of each department; explore alternative means of conducting the activities of each department; and evaluate alternative budget amounts for various levels of effort for each activity of each department.

(b) The committee(s) shall begin zero base budget reviews at the beginning of the fiscal year, and shall complete analysis prior to the governor's submission of the budget as required in § 35-3-7. Prior to August 1, the chairperson(s) shall communicate to the departments so designated the form and number of copies, and with such explanation as the committee(s) may require.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2002, ch. 65, art. 38, § 1.)