Public Finance

State Budget

SECTION 35-3-7.2

§ 35-3-7.2. Budget officer as capital development officer.

The budget officer shall be a capital development program officer who shall be responsible for:

(1) The review of all capital development requests submitted by the various state departments, as set forth in chapter 6 of title 42, which shall include all independent boards and commissions and the capital development plans of the Narragansett Bay Commission, Rhode Island infrastructure bank, the Lottery Commission, and all other public corporations, as defined in chapter 18 of this title which plans would be subject to the provisions of § 35-18-3; provided, that, except as provided for in this section, nothing in this section shall be construed to limit the powers of the council on postsecondary education as outlined in chapter 59 of title 16. Capital development requests and plans shall be submitted in such form, with such explanation, in such number of copies, and by such date as the budget officer may require. Copies shall also be provided directly to the house fiscal advisor and the senate fiscal advisor.

(2) Preparation of a capital budget which shall specify which capital items are proposed for presentation to the electorate at the next general election.

(3) The activities which will promote capital development planning and develop criteria which can be used to determine appropriate levels of bonded indebtedness.

(4) Acting as chairperson of the capital development planning and oversight commission which is to be appointed by the governor. The commission, in addition to recommending to the governor the biennial capital budget, shall implement a long range capital development planning process and shall be responsible for the development of an inventory of state assets to determine the need and prioritization of capital improvements.

(5) Working with the council on postsecondary education in the development by the council of that portion of the council's capital development program involving annual general revenues.

History of Section.
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