Public Finance

State Budget

SECTION 35-3-8

§ 35-3-8. Recommendations to meet deficiencies – Submission of appropriation bills.

(a) The budget shall also contain the recommendations of the governor to the general assembly for new taxes, loans, or other appropriate actions to meet any estimated deficiency for the ensuing fiscal year. It shall also be accompanied by a bill or bills for all proposed appropriations.

(b) In the event that any departments of state government are expected to incur a deficiency within the current fiscal year, the governor shall, on or before the third Thursday in January each year, submit a request for supplemental appropriations on their behalf. Provided, however, in those years that a new governor is inaugurated, the new governor shall submit the request on or before the first Thursday in February. In the event that, subsequent to the request, the governor determines that additional deficiencies are expected to be incurred, the governor shall submit requests for additional appropriations upon notice of these deficiencies.

(c) The request presented to the general assembly shall identify the proposed increases and decreases to the original amounts provided in the annual appropriation act.

History of Section.
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