Public Finance

State Funds

SECTION 35-4-1

§ 35-4-1. Revenue credited to general fund – Exceptions – Deposits.

All receipts and revenue of the state shall be credited by the general treasurer to the general fund of the state with the exception of receipts or revenue pertaining to the following funds:

(1) Permanent school fund;

(2) Touro Jewish synagogue fund;

(3) Land-grant fund of 1862;

(4) Veterans' home fund;

(5) United States cooperative vocational education fund;

(6) United States industrial rehabilitation fund;

(7) Forestry cooperative fund;

(8) State sinking fund;

(9) Fire insurance fund;

(10) Fund for relief of firemen;

(11) Fund for relief of policemen;

(12) Coastal Resources Management Council Dredge Fund;

(13) Funds received from the federal government in accordance with the provisions of parts 1 and 2 of title V of the Social Security Act, 42 U.S.C. § 501 et seq.;

(14) Any other funds that may by federal law or regulation, or by enactment of the general assembly, be allocated to a specific fund, provided, that nothing contained in this section shall amend or modify: § 19-3.1-9, which pertains to securities deposited by trust companies and national banks having trust departments; § 19-5-15, which pertains to credit unions; nor § 27-1-5, which pertains to deposits of securities by insurance companies with the general treasurer; and

(15) Funds received until June 30, 2002, from the northeast dairy compact commission, which was enacted into law in Rhode Island by P.L. 1993, ch. 106, § 2-24-1 et seq. These funds are to be passed from the northeast dairy compact commission through the department of elementary and secondary education to reimburse school districts for school milk that is exempted from the federal over-order price regulation obligation at 7 CFR 1301. These funds are to be placed in a restricted receipt account established within the department of elementary and secondary education separate from all other accounts within the department of elementary and secondary education. All funds deposited in the restricted receipt account established in this section shall be disbursed prior to June 30, 2002.

History of Section.
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