Public Finance

State Funds

SECTION 35-4-6

§ 35-4-6. Acceptance of gifts and bequests.

The general treasurer is authorized and empowered, with the approval of the director of administration, to accept on behalf of the state any gift or bequest of personal property, money, securities, or other similar gift or bequest, given to the state absolutely by any state employee, person, or organization; provided, that no acceptance by the state shall make the state in any manner legally or equitably liable to any state employee, person, or organization relative to the care, preservation, or use of the gift, bequest, or property; provided further, that the right shall be reserved by the general treasurer, and/or the director of administration, to refuse any gift or bequest so offered to the state; and provided further, that to the extent any gift or bequest is placed in a restricted receipt account, the gift and any identifiable earnings thereon shall remain in that account in the event any existing and/or future funds in the account are diverted or otherwise transferred or withdrawn to the general fund or used for any other use whatsoever.

History of Section.
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