Public Finance

Rotary Funds

SECTION 35-5-8

§ 35-5-8. Reimbursement of general store fund for purchases by state agencies.

Notwithstanding the provisions of § 35-5-5, any rotary or rotating fund established for the general store at the state institutions at Cranston, under the control of the department of corrections, shall consist of, in addition to such sums as may be provided by appropriation for that purpose, the receipts and reimbursements accruing to the fund, and the inventory value at cost of goods, wares, and merchandise on hand in the general store. Any state department or agency receiving or drawing goods, wares, or merchandise from the general store, or receiving benefits therefrom, shall reimburse the rotary fund for the cost. The reimbursement of the rotary fund shall be made by each department or agency at the close of each calendar month by approving and forwarding to the state controller in the manner provided by law vouchers payable to the order of the general store rotary fund. The state controller shall charge the vouchers to the proper appropriation for the operation and maintenance of the department or agency.

History of Section.
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