Public Finance

Accounts and Control

SECTION 35-6-23

§ 35-6-23. Payment of costs of witnesses in criminal cases.

Whenever any witness shall have been discharged from further attendance at the superior court at a session in any case, in pursuance of any summons issued in behalf of the state, the deputy sheriff shall forthwith obtain the proper certificate of the travel and attendance of the witness in one of the books, shall pay him or her the amount so certified to be due, from the funds provided for, shall cause the witness to receipt therefor in the book, all under the proper title of the case in which the witness shall be summoned, and, under a division of the certificates, shall indicate whether the witness was summoned before a grand jury or a petit jury. The deputy sheriff shall likewise pay all fees due officers, other than him or herself, for serving criminal process issued by the court in behalf of the state at a session, and, after obtaining proper certificates and receipts therefor, record in a book, under the proper title of the case and division thereof to which the fees apply, the items of the fees and the amount received.

History of Section.
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