Public Finance

CHAPTER 35-7.1
The Office of Internal Audit

SECTION 35-7.1-6

§ 35-7.1-6. Inspection of records and papers – Investigations.

(a) The chief, in carrying out the duties outlined in this chapter, shall have access to all records, reports, audits, reviews, papers, books, documents, recommendations, correspondence, including information relative to the purchase of goods or services or anticipated purchase of goods or services, from any agent, contractor, or vendor by any public body, as defined in § 35-7.1-1(e), and any other data and material that is maintained by or available to any public body regardless of the media in which it is maintained which is in any way related to the programs and operations with respect to public bodies.

(b) The chief may request information and records, cooperation, and assistance from any state, or local governmental agency as may be necessary for carrying out his/her duties and responsibilities. Upon receipt of such request, each person in charge of the public body shall furnish to the chief, or his/her authorized agent or representative, such information and records, cooperation and assistance, including information relative to the purchase of goods or services or anticipated purchase of goods or services from any contractor or vendor by any public body, within ten (10) business days of receipt of the chief's request. If the public body is unable to comply with the request for records and/or information within (10) business days, the public body must notify the chief, prior to the expiration of the ten (10) business days, in writing as to the reason, or reasons, why the request cannot be fulfilled within this time and whether additional time is necessary.

(c) The chief may initiate and conduct audits, investigations, and compliance reviews and shall prepare detailed findings, conclusions, and recommendations concerning the administration of programs or operations, and internal controls over processes of public bodies.

(d) The chief shall have direct and prompt access to any public body, its agents, officers, and employees when necessary for any purpose pertaining to the performance of his/her duties and responsibilities under this chapter.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2016, ch. 142, art. 4, § 10.)