Public Officers and Employees

Appointment, Qualification, and Tenure of Officers

SECTION 36-1-12

§ 36-1-12. Time allowed for senate action on nominations – Disapproval – Withdrawal.

Whenever the senate shall have been in session for sixty (60) legislative days after notice of the making of appointments by the governor and shall not have disapproved the appointments or shall have failed to act thereon, the appointment by the governor shall stand as confirmed. If the senate shall within the sixty (60) legislative days vote to disapprove the appointment, it forthwith shall notify the governor who, within seven (7) legislative days after notice, shall again make the appointments as desired and notify the senate thereof and so on in like manner until the senate shall approve or fail to act upon or to disapprove in sixty (60) legislative days, as aforesaid, of the governor's appointments. The governor may withdraw any appointment of which he or she has given notice to the senate at any time within sixty (60) legislative days thereafter and before action has been taken thereon by the senate.

History of Section.
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