Public Officers and Employees

Appointment, Qualification, and Tenure of Officers

SECTION 36-1-2.1

§ 36-1-2.1. Transition of general officers.

All newly elected general officers of the state, prior to their engagement of office, shall be entitled to the following in regard to their assumption of state duties:

(1) Space being made available for the use of a transition staff;

(2) Adequate funds shall be provided by the outgoing general officer from the budget of that department for use to hire transition staff, obtain office supplies, and equipment;

(3) Access to the facilities of the office to which they have been elected at all reasonable regular business hours for purposes of inspections, and at after hour times, as requested, for all reasonable purposes;

(4) The cooperation of the outgoing administration, regarding consultation, budget information, personnel files, and information of personnel procedure, together with cooperation regarding any other reasonable request of the incoming administration; and

(5) A mandatory audit of all money and inventory of all property within the office, to be conducted by the department of administration.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1991, ch. 267, § 1.)