Public Officers and Employees

Insurance Benefits

SECTION 36-12-10

§ 36-12-10. Participation by employees.

Any policy of insurance purchased by the director as authorized in §§ 36-12-6 – 36-12-14 shall provide that all employees eligible under the terms of §§ 36-12-6 – 36-12-14 will be automatically insured thereunder commencing on the date they first become so eligible; provided, that any employee desiring not to be so insured shall, on an appropriate form to be prescribed by the director, give written notice to the director that he or she desires not to be insured. If the notice is received before the employee shall have become insured under the policy he or she shall not be so insured; if it is received after he or she shall have become insured his or her insurance under the policy shall cease, effective with the end of the pay period during which the notice is received by the director.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1960, ch. 119, § 5.)