Public Officers and Employees

Insurance Benefits

SECTION 36-12-9

§ 36-12-9. Beneficiaries – Payment of benefits.

(a) The policy or policies issued hereunder shall include a provision prescribing the conditions under which an insured employee may designate and change the beneficiary or beneficiaries to receive insurance payable upon the death of the employee.

(b) If, at the death of any employee insured hereunder, there shall be more than one designated beneficiary, then, unless the employee shall have specified the respective interests of the beneficiaries, the interests of the beneficiaries shall be several and equal. If any designated beneficiary shall predecease the employee, the rights and interest of the beneficiary shall thereupon automatically terminate. If, at the death of the employee, there be no designated beneficiary as to all or any part of the insurance, then the amount of the insurance payable for which there is no designated beneficiary shall be payable to the estate of the employee; provided, however, that the insurance company may, in that case, at its option, and subject to rules approved by the director, pay the amount to any one of the following surviving relatives: wife, husband, mother, father, child, or children. Payment to any one or more of the surviving relatives shall completely discharge the insurance company's liability with respect to the amount of insurance so paid.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1960, ch. 119, § 4.)