Public Officers and Employees

Division of Personnel Administration

SECTION 36-3-5

§ 36-3-5. Powers and duties of the administrator.

In addition to the duties imposed upon the personnel administrator elsewhere in the law and the personnel rules, it shall be the duty of the personnel administrator:

(1) As executive head of the division of personnel administration, to direct, supervise, develop, and authorize all personnel related administrative and technical activities including personnel administration and personnel management.

(2) To prepare and recommend to the director of administration such rules as are deemed necessary to carry out the provisions of the law.

(3) To supervise the operation of the classification plan and to recommend to the director amendments and additions thereto.

(4) To supervise the operation of the pay plan and to recommend to the director amendments and additions thereto.

(5) To establish and supervise the maintenance of employment lists, promotion lists, and reemployment lists; to develop recruitment procedures, monitor agency recruitment processes for compliance with the statutes and policies, and make available to state agencies qualified candidates as vacancies occur; direct and supervise equal opportunity programs; manage employee benefit plans including the coordination of health insurance, prescription/vision care, group life insurance, dental care, prepaid legal services, deferred compensation and cancer programs, and any other programs established by the legislature related to employee benefits; and to manage career awards programs and state and local enforcement firefighters incentive training programs.

(6) To perform any other lawful act which he or she may consider necessary or desirable to carry out the purposes and provisions of this chapter, and chapter 4 of this title, and the rules and to conduct innovative demonstration projects to improve state personnel management.

History of Section.
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