Public Officers and Employees

Merit System

SECTION 36-4-25

§ 36-4-25. Designation of appropriate list for filling of vacancies.

The preferred reemployment list shall have precedence over all other lists for the filling of vacancies of comparable or less comparable positions in state service until the list is exhausted. Vacancies in positions in the classified service shall be filled as far as practicable by promotional appointments. Whenever a vacancy does exist in any position in the classified service, the appointing authority may choose to use either the employment, promotion, or reemployment list to fill the vacancy and shall request the personnel administrator to certify the names of persons eligible for appointment from the designated list; provided, however, that in the event of the reorganization of a department or division, or the abolishment of a position or positions in state service, any classified employee with permanent status affected thereby shall be placed in a comparable position within the department or division. If, however, placement within the department or division is not possible, then the affected employee shall be placed in a comparable position elsewhere in state service. Whenever a position is allocated or reallocated upward, the classified employee with permanent status holding that position shall be given an opportunity to qualify for the allocated or reallocated position by taking a qualifying examination and shall be placed on leave of absence from the old position until the employee has gained status or failed to qualify for the position.

History of Section.
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