Public Officers and Employees

Salaries and Traveling Expenses

SECTION 36-6-17

§ 36-6-17. Deductions for union dues.

(a) Upon request of any state employee who is a member of any bona fide labor union, the state controller shall deduct from the employee's salary his or her dues as a member and shall remit, together with a list by departments of the members whose dues have been deducted, the amounts so deducted, to the treasurer of the labor union, designated by the employee in the request; provided, however, that where a labor union has been certified as the sole and exclusive bargaining representative for an appropriate unit, only the dues for the sole and exclusive bargaining representative shall be deducted.

(b) In the case of an employee employed in an area where there is no certified exclusive bargaining organization, the request for dues deductions shall be voluntary and shall take effect thirty (30) days after presentation. The deduction shall be taken out according to appropriate payroll period and termination of the deduction shall be by sixty (60) days' written notice in advance or upon termination of employment; provided, however, that if the employer and the selected sole and exclusive bargaining representative have reached an agreement requiring membership in the union as a condition of employment then the state controller shall make dues deductions in accordance with contract provisions or applicable laws with the same being irrevocable until the expiration of the agreement between the employer and the exclusive bargaining representative.

History of Section.
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