Title 36
Public Officers and Employees

Chapter 8
Retirement System — Administration

R.I. Gen. Laws § 36-8-9

§ 36-8-9. Legal adviser — Treasurer — Executive officers and secretary.

(a) There shall be a legal counsel to the board who shall be appointed by the general treasurer. The general treasurer shall be ex-officio chairperson and treasurer of the retirement board and he or she shall be responsible for appointing the custodian of the funds. There shall also be an executive director who shall be appointed by the retirement board. The executive director shall be in charge of administration of the retirement system and shall serve as secretary to the retirement board. In addition, the retirement board shall appoint an assistant director who shall serve as director and/or secretary in the absence of the director.

(b) Any negotiated agreement entered into after June 1, 1992, between any state or municipal agency or department and an employee or employees, whose conditions are contrary to the general laws or the rules, regulations, and policies as adopted and promulgated by the retirement board shall be null and void unless and until approved by formal action of the retirement board for good cause shown.

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