Public Officers and Employees

Retirement System – Membership and Service Credits

SECTION 36-9-24

§ 36-9-24. Part-time school lunch employees.

(a) Whenever any state school lunch employee, who is a member of the system as a full-time employee is involuntarily transferred to a position of less than twenty (20) hours per week, the employee shall remain a contributing member of the retirement system and receive full credit for that part-time service, provided the service shall be at least fifteen (15) hours per week.

(b) Whenever a school lunch employee previously ineligible for membership in the system because of employment less than twenty (20) hours per week, subsequently becomes eligible for membership but who has since attained the age of sixty (60) years, the employee shall have the option to join the system at the time of the subsequent eligible employment status.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1983, ch. 211, § 3; P.L. 1987, ch. 547, § 1.)