Public Property and Works

CHAPTER 37-15.1
Hard-to-Dispose Material – Control and Recycling

SECTION 37-15.1-1

§ 37-15.1-1. Statement of policy.

Recognizing the ever increasing use of hard-to-dispose material by the people of Rhode Island as well as the fundamental need for a healthful, clean, and beautiful environment; and further recognizing that the proliferation and accumulation of hard-to-dispose material throughout this state impairs this need and constitutes a public health hazard; and further recognizing the need to conserve energy and natural resources; and further recognizing that there is an imperative need to anticipate, plan for, and accomplish effective control, recovery, and recycling of hard-to-dispose material, there is hereby enacted this "hard-to-dispose material control and recycling" chapter.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1989, ch. 514, § 1.)