Public Property and Works

Litter Control and Recycling

SECTION 37-15-2

§ 37-15-2. Declaration of purpose.

(a) The purpose of this chapter is to accomplish litter control and establish community recycling programs throughout this state by delegating to the department of environmental management the authority to:

(1) Conduct a permanent and continuous program to control and remove litter from this state to the maximum practical extent possible;

(2) Recover and recycle waste materials related to litter and littering;

(3) Encourage private recycling; and

(4) Increase public awareness of the need for recycling and litter control.

(b) It is further the intent and purpose of this chapter to create jobs for employment in litter cleanup and related activities and to encourage small, private recycling centers.

(c) This program shall include the compatible goal of recovery of recyclable materials to conserve energy and natural resources wherever practicable.

(d) Every department of state government and all local governmental units and agencies of this state shall cooperate with the department of environmental management in the administration and enforcement of this chapter.

(e) The intent of this chapter is to add to and coordinate existing recycling and litter control and removal efforts and not terminate or supplant those efforts.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1984, ch. 251, § 2.)