Public Property and Works

Safety Awareness Programs

SECTION 37-23-3

§ 37-23-3. Definitions.

(a) "On-site Employee" may be regarded as any private person or entity bound by a contractual agreement to provide goods or services to a contractor/developer who must physically enter the place where work is being performed or business being conducted; provided, however, this chapter shall not apply to sales representatives, vendors, or to any person, entity or corporation who delivers building materials and supplies or customized products to a construction site.

(b) "Violator(s)" may include, but not be limited to, construction workers, contractors, project developers, site managers, and/or any other individual(s) working on a jobsite.

(c) "Division" shall mean the division of professional regulation within the department of labor and training.

(d) "Board" shall mean the board of safety awareness.

(e) "Department" shall mean Department of Labor and Training.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2004, ch. 593, § 2.)