Public Property and Works

Safety Awareness Programs

SECTION 37-23-8

§ 37-23-8. Investigation and prosecution of violations.

Authorized staff of the department shall enforce all provisions of law relative to the certification of the successful completion of the OSHA ten (10) hour construction safety program. Whenever a complaint is made to the director that the provisions of this chapter are being violated, the director may issue an order to cease and desist from said violation. The director shall thereupon order an administrative penalty on any person, firm, entity or corporation for any violation of the provisions of this chapter, in the amount of not less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250) nor more than nine hundred and fifty dollars ($950) per offense on each day in which a violation occurs, or the complaint may be dismissed in accordance with the recommendations.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2004, ch. 593, § 2.)