Public Property and Works

CHAPTER 37-3.2
Quonset Point Naval Air Station Property Lease

SECTION 37-3.2-4

§ 37-3.2-4. Management of leased property.

If the governor shall enter into an agreement or agreements to lease, or a lease, with electric boat division of general dynamics corporation, a Delaware corporation, pursuant to the authority hereinbefore conferred upon him or her, he or she shall further be authorized and empowered, with the approval of the state properties committee, to engage the Rhode Island economic development corporation, or any subsidiary corporation thereof, to manage for and on behalf of the state any property which shall be subject to an agreement or agreements to lease, or a lease, and, as agent of the state, to discharge the state's responsibilities under that agreement or lease and exercise all authorities conferred upon the state thereby, upon the terms and conditions as the governor and the state properties committee shall approve.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1975, ch. 249, § 1.)