Public Property and Works

Department of Transportation

SECTION 37-5-7

§ 37-5-7. Commuter parking facilities.

The department and director are authorized to plan, construct, and maintain, or to enter into agreements with federal, state, or local governmental agencies in connection with commuter parking facilities at locations which would encourage the use of mass transportation and reduce peak traffic demands on highway systems. The provisions of the agreements may be carried out by the director with other governmental agencies as necessity, convenience, or economy requires. The director shall have authority to enter into agreements with federal agencies for federal financial aid and to do any and all other acts and things necessary or desirable to take advantage of the financial aid. Contracts for the construction shall be carried out in the manner provided by law for public works. The director may acquire in the name of the state such real property as is necessary to construct and maintain commuter parking facilities in the same manner and with like powers as authorized and exercised by the director in acquiring real property for state highway purposes in accordance with chapter 6 of title 37.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1970, ch. 52, § 1.)