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SECTION 37-8-1.4

§ 37-8-1.4. Kent County Courthouse at East Greenwich.

The State of Rhode Island has determined that it no longer needs the property and building thereon which once served the people as the Kent County Courthouse. The Town of East Greenwich has determined that it can use the property and building thereon for municipal purposes. Therefore, the director of the department of administration is hereby authorized and empowered to convey the state's interest in the real property, the buildings thereon, and fixtures, located in the Town of East Greenwich and commonly known as the "Kent County Courthouse" to the town of East Greenwich. The consideration for the sale shall be one dollar ($1.00) paid by the Town of East Greenwich to the State. The transfer of the Kent County Courthouse shall be contingent upon the Town's receiving authority for issuing bonds or notes in order to finance the construction, renovation, equipping, furnishing, or additions to the Kent County Courthouse from both the general assembly and the electors of the Town and the Town's actually receiving the proceeds of the bonds or notes. The State hereby agrees to indemnify the Town of East Greenwich for environmental liabilities which existed at the Kent County Courthouse prior to the date of transfer. The Town of East Greenwich shall be responsible for all costs associated with the conveyance.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1993, ch. 121, § 1; P.L. 1993, ch. 330, § 1.)