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SECTION 37-8-11

§ 37-8-11. Operation of state house restaurant – Sales stands.

(a) The department may make such arrangements as it deems advisable for the operation of the restaurant in the State House. It may lease the restaurant and may regulate the sale of newspapers and other articles within the building. All money received by it from these or any other sources shall be paid to the general treasurer monthly.

(b) All positions in the State House restaurant shall be in the classified service of the state. Employees of the restaurant on June 13, 1963, shall be granted permanent status in classified positions as determined by the personnel administrator. Notwithstanding any prior contractual bases of employment supported by the state house restaurant rotary fund, the employees are herewith specifically granted the longevity increases of employees in the classified service from the date of their original employment in the restaurant.

History of Section.
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