Public Property and Works

Public Buildings

SECTION 37-8-7

§ 37-8-7. Allotment of office space in State House – Furnishings.

The director of administration shall designate the rooms to be used by the committees, boards, departments, divisions, commissions, officers, or persons now or hereafter authorized by law to be provided with offices in the state house, and shall furnish the offices, to the extent of furnishings in the custody of the department of administration available therefor. Upon the request of any board, department, division, commission, or officer, the department of administration shall from time to time, as in the director's judgment may be necessary, repair and renew the furniture, furnishings, and other movables used or to be used in any office, and the cost of repair and renewal of the furniture, furnishings, and other movables or any additions thereto shall be paid upon vouchers approved by the director of administration from the appropriation made to be expended for that purpose. All furniture, furnishings, and movables shall remain in the care and custody of the department of administration.

History of Section.
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