Public Utilities and Carriers

CHAPTER 39-1.1
Termination of service to persons who are disabled, seriously ill or in arrears of payment

SECTION 39-1.1-1

§ 39-1.1-1. Compliance with rules prior to termination.

(a) No public utility which distributes electricity or supplies natural or manufactured gas, electric, or water service shall terminate service to any household in which all adult residents are sixty-five (65) years of age or older, or where any resident is disabled or seriously ill, for failure to pay an outstanding indebtedness for service, without first complying with all rules and regulations for such terminations issued by the commission.

(b) A natural gas distribution company or an electric distribution company as defined in subsection 39-1-2(12), but not including the Block Island Power Company or the Pascoag Utility District, shall not shut off service to a household eligible for LIHEAP if the customer's outstanding bill is three hundred dollars ($300) or less and not more than two (2) months in arrears. Service may not be terminated unless two (2) notices of termination have been sent.

History of Section.
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