Public Utilities and Carriers

CHAPTER 39-1.1
Termination of service to persons who are disabled, seriously ill or in arrears of payment

SECTION 39-1.1-2.1

§ 39-1.1-2.1. Termination of service in residence where child domiciled.

No gas or electric company shall terminate gas or electric service in any residence in which there is domiciled a person under the age of two (2) years and the customer's service has not been previously shut off for nonpayment before the birth of the child; provided, that the customer cannot afford to pay any overdue bill because of financial hardship. The commission shall promulgate such rules and regulations consistent with this section as it deems reasonable and necessary to implement the provisions of this section. Said rules shall, as a minimum, require certification of such infancy by birth certificate or other verifiable certification and that such certification of infancy shall remain in effect without renewal until the child reaches the age of two (2) years.

History of Section.
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