Public Utilities and Carriers

Public Utilities Commission

SECTION 39-1-19

§ 39-1-19. Personnel – Legal representation.

(a) To carry out the purposes of this title, the commission and the division, within the appropriation therefor, are authorized to employ such clerks, stenographers, engineers, accountants, and agents as may be required, who shall be in the classified service, and may also retain and employ experts, consultants, and assistants on a contract or other basis for rendering legal, financial, professional, technical, or other assistance or advice.

(b) When requested by the administrator, the attorney general, or an assistant designated by him or her, shall appear and represent the division in any hearing, investigation, action, or proceeding under this title, or in reference to any act or proceeding of the division, and intervene in any action or proceeding in which is involved any question arising under this title. In all cases in which the attorney general or an assistant intervenes on behalf of the state as a customer of a public utility, or on behalf of the citizens of the state, as customers of a public utility, the division may employ legal counsel to represent it, as provided for in § 39-1-20.

History of Section.
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