Title 39
Public Utilities and Carriers

Chapter 12
Motor Carriers of Property

R.I. Gen. Laws § 39-12-11

§ 39-12-11. Publication of tariffs of common carriers.

Every common carrier by motor vehicle shall print, file with the administrator, and keep open for public inspection, tariffs showing all the rates and charges for transportation, and all services in connection therewith, of property, in intrastate commerce, between points on its own routes and points on the routes of any other carrier, or on the routes of any common carrier by railroad, express, or water, when a through route and joint rate shall have been established. A filing fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) must accompany all filings made pursuant to this section. All revenues received under this section shall be deposited as general revenues. The rates and charges shall be stated in lawful money of the United States. The tariffs required by this section shall be published, filed, and posted in such form and manner, and shall contain such information as the administrator, by regulation, shall prescribe. The administrator may reject any tariff filed with him or her that is not consistent with this section and with the regulations. Any tariff so rejected by the administrator shall be void and its use shall be unlawful.

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