Title 39
Public Utilities and Carriers

Chapter 12
Motor Carriers of Property

R.I. Gen. Laws § 39-12-6

§ 39-12-6. Requirement of certificate of public convenience and necessity for common carriers — Application.

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, no person shall engage in the business of transporting property for compensation in intrastate commerce over the publicly used highways as a common carrier, unless there shall be in force with respect to the carrier a certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the administrator authorizing the operations. Every person proposing to operate as a common carrier shall file with the administrator, in the form to be provided by him or her, an application for a certificate, accompanied by a fee of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250). All revenues received under this section shall be deposited as general revenues. Each application for a certificate shall be made in writing; shall be verified by oath or written declaration that it is made under penalties of perjury; and shall contain such information as the administrator may require. The administrator shall, within a reasonable time, fix the time and place of hearing on every application. Notice of the hearing shall be given by publication or by written notice mailed by the administrator at least ten (10) days before the date fixed thereof to all common carriers, including railroad companies, if any, serving any part of the route or territory proposed to be served by the applicant; to each person filing with the administrator a written request for the notice; and to any other person who may, in the opinion of the administrator, be interested in or affected by the issuance of the certificate. The copy of the notice, including a list of the applications to be heard, shall be publicly posted in the office of the administrator. Any person having an interest in the matter shall have the right, in accordance with rules prescribed therefor by the administrator, to make representations and to introduce evidence in favor of or in opposition to the issuance of the certificate.

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