Public Utilities and Carriers

Motor Passenger Carriers

SECTION 39-13-3

§ 39-13-3. Certificate requirement for jitney operation.

No person, association, or corporation shall operate a jitney until the owner thereof shall have obtained a certificate from the division specifying the route over which the jitney may operate, the number of passengers which it may carry at any one time, the service to be furnished, and that public convenience and necessity require operation over the route. Certificates issued under this chapter shall be renewed before the close of business on December 31 of each calendar year. The renewal fee shall be two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) and shall be submitted with the renewal form. All revenues received under this section shall be deposited as general revenues; provided, however, that this fee shall not apply to any city or town, or any agency or department of any city or town of the state, or any nonprofit jitney service utilized for the transportation of senior citizens.

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