Public Utilities and Carriers

Taxicabs and Limited Public Motor Vehicles

SECTION 39-14-11

§ 39-14-11. Penalties for violations.

(a) Any person or the officers of any association or corporation who shall violate any provision of §§ 39-14-1 – 39-14-17, 39-14-20(b), 39-14-25 and 39-14-26, or any order, rule, or regulation adopted or established under any provision, shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars ($100) or imprisoned not more than sixty (60) days or both, and his or her certificate may be revoked, and the violation shall be a separate and distinct offense for each day during which it shall continue.

(b) The administrator may in his or her discretion, in addition to seeking criminal sanctions, impose upon its regulated taxicabs and limited public motor vehicles an administrative civil penalty (fine) in addition to revoking or suspending the taxicab's and limited public motor vehicle's operating authority as conferred under this chapter. The fine shall not exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) per each violation of the sections contained in this chapter or the division's orders, rules and regulations issued and promulgated thereunder.

History of Section.
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