Public Utilities and Carriers

Taxicabs and Limited Public Motor Vehicles

SECTION 39-14-2

§ 39-14-2. Powers of division.

Every person owning or operating a motor vehicle engaged or to be engaged in operating a taxicab or limited public motor vehicle is declared a common carrier and subject as such to the jurisdiction of the division of public utilities and carriers. The division shall prescribe such rules and regulations as it shall deem proper to assure adequate, economical, safe, and efficient service at reasonable charges without unjust discrimination, undue preference or advantages, or unfair or destructive competitive practices. The division may require common carriers to prepare records and to preserve them, and to make such reports to it as shall disclose to the division the character of service rendered, the safety of equipment used, and the safety of operation, the character of the management and conduct of the common carrier business, and its relation to and control of or by other carriers or other businesses. Upon complaint or upon his or her own initiative, the administrator may investigate or conduct a hearing as to compliance by any common carrier with the provisions of this title or regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, and shall issue such orders as his or her findings shall indicate to be necessary or desirable for the public welfare. The findings of the administrator shall be reported in writing and copies thereof shall be furnished to the parties involved.

History of Section.
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