Public Utilities and Carriers


SECTION 39-17-7

§ 39-17-7. Town regulatory powers – Appeal.

The use and enjoyment of all rights and franchises granted under the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to such reasonable rules and regulations and orders, controlling the extent and quality of construction and service to be maintained by the corporation to which such rights are granted, and prescribing the location and arrangement of its tracks, poles, wires, or conduits, and their appurtenances, as are, or may be from time to time, enacted by the town or city councils. In case any regulation or enactment shall seem to any corporation to be unreasonable, the corporation, within thirty (30) days after the same has been passed, may complain to the division of public utilities and carriers setting forth that the regulation or order is not reasonable in the premises; and thereupon the division shall proceed to hear and determine the matter in accordance with the provisions of chapter 4 of this title; subject, however, to the right of appeal to the superior court contained in chapter 5 of this title.

History of Section.
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