Public Utilities and Carriers

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority

SECTION 39-18-22

§ 39-18-22. State appropriations.

The general assembly shall appropriate annually a sum for the financial support of the operating expenses of the Rhode Island public transit authority from certain proceeds of the motor fuel tax reserved for this purpose pursuant to § 31-36-20. The total amount of state subsidy disbursements in any fiscal year shall not exceed the appropriation for that year. In the event that dedicated motor fuel tax revenues received during a fiscal year are not sufficient to support the appropriation for that year, the difference shall be transferred from the proceeds of the motor fuel tax imposed by chapter 36 of title 31. Funds appropriated to the authority pursuant to this section shall be administered by the department of transportation in accordance with procedures established jointly by the departments of transportation and administration. The authority shall annually submit to the department of transportation a comprehensive budget request for funds for the ensuing fiscal year. Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year the authority shall enter into an agreement with the departments of administration and transportation establishing the conditions for payment of the available state and federal subsidies. The director of administration is authorized from time to time to advance funds from the general fund to the Rhode Island public transit authority to be used for the purpose of this section, in anticipation of transfers from the revenues reserved pursuant to § 31-36-20, provided that the aggregate of all advances less transfers, at any one time, shall not exceed the total amount of the annual appropriation.

History of Section.
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