Public Utilities and Carriers

Community Antenna Television Systems

SECTION 39-19-12

§ 39-19-12. Billing to subscribers.

The cable television section of the division of public utilities and carriers shall conduct a study of the billing and termination practices of cable television companies throughout the New England region. This study shall focus on the practice of advance billing by cable television companies and positive or negative effects on subscribers associated with prohibiting the practice. The study shall also include the financial impact of a prohibition of advanced billing on cable television companies and their subscribers including any technical barriers to prohibiting advance billing. The division shall submit a report to the house corporations committee on or before October 30, 1993. All costs associated with this study shall be billed directly to cable television companies pursuant to § 39-19-9.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1993, ch. 46, § 2.)