Public Utilities and Carriers

Duties of Utilities and Carriers

SECTION 39-2-13

§ 39-2-13. Admission of guide dogs.

Any blind or deaf person, who uses the services of a seeing-eye guide dog, or personal assistance animal or a hearing-ear signal dog, clearly identified as such by a yellow harness and trained by a recognized training agency or school, may enter any public facility of any public utility or common carrier in this state, and when riding on any bus or other public utility or common carrier, engaged in the transportation of passengers or when riding in any elevator in this state where a landlord has the elevator operated for the use of his tenants and their visitors, or while in any building in this state open to the public, may keep the animal in his or her immediate custody; and the person shall not be required to pay any charge or fare, for or on account of the transportation thereon of him or herself and any dog so accompanying him or her, in addition to the charge of fare lawfully chargeable for his or her own transportation; provided, however, the provisions of this section shall not apply to railroad sleeping, parlor, club, buffet, or lounge cars.

History of Section.
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