Public Utilities and Carriers

CHAPTER 39-21.1
911 Emergency Telephone Number Act

SECTION 39-21.1-8

§ 39-21.1-8. Emergency services included in system.

(a) The 911 system shall be capable of transmitting requests for law enforcement, firefighting, and emergency medical and ambulance services to a public safety agency or agencies that provide the requested service at the place where the call originates. A 911 system may also provide for transmittal of requests for other emergency services, such as poison control, suicide prevention, and civil defense. Conferencing capability with counseling, aid to persons with disabilities, and other services as deemed necessary for emergency response determination may be provided by the 911 system.

(b) Any unit of any agency or municipality in this state which provides law enforcement, firefighting, medical, or ambulance services to an area shall be part of the 911 system. The 911 public safety answering point may transmit emergency response requests to private safety agencies.

(c) Automatic intrusion alarms and other automatic alerting devices shall not be installed so as to cause the number 911 to be dialed in order to directly access emergency services.

History of Section.
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