Public Utilities and Carriers

Long-range Energy Plans

SECTION 39-24-2

§ 39-24-2. Filing by gas companies.

Every gas company whose total annual sales in the preceding calendar year exceeds five million cubic feet (5,000,000 cu. ft.) shall submit, every two (2) years, to the public utilities commission a long-range energy plan for the five (5) year period subsequent to the date the plan is submitted, and shall apprise the commission in the interim of any changes which substantially affect the plan. The public utilities commission shall by rule specify such information as it shall reasonably require, to include but not be limited to the company's peak demand forecasts, annual sales in cubic feet, major proposed additions to plant, and an analysis of the cost and financing of any proposed additions to plant or purchases. The filing shall include all assumptions and methodologies used by the company in formulating the plan.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1987, ch. 144, § 1.)