Public Utilities and Carriers

Electric Transmission Siting and Regulatory Act

SECTION 39-25-2

§ 39-25-2. Statement of policy and purpose.

The general assembly finds and hereby declares the following:

(1) The citizens of the state whose homes are in close proximity to proposed high voltage lines have expressed concern about the possible harmful effect of electromagnetic fields that emanate from the electrical utilities facilities;

(2) There have been a number of scientific studies that purport to suggest that the electromagnetic fields associated with electrical utility facilities may present a significant health risk;

(3) The issue of the adverse health effects of human exposure to electromagnetic radiation has been the subject of newspaper and scientific journal articles, and although to date no firm data exists indicating at what levels this radiation may pose certain health risks, scientific studies and preliminary evidence warrant an approach of prudent avoidance;

(4) While the general assembly recognizes that at present, research data neither provides a basis for asserting that magnetic fields pose a significant health risk nor does it allow one to categorically assert that there are no risks. Prudence, therefore, suggests caution in dealing with electromagnetic fields and public health issues until further research permits a more conclusive determination.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1992, ch. 439, § 1.)