Public Utilities and Carriers

CHAPTER 39-26.2
Distributed Generation Standard Contracts

SECTION 39-26.2-8

§ 39-26.2-8. Standard contract – Reporting.

(a) After each enrollment during a program year the electric distribution companies shall provide a report to the board, office of energy resources, and the commission of the aggregate amount of project nameplate capacity that was the subject of standard contracts entered into during that enrollment and the prices under each of the standard contracts that were executed.

(b) Each quarter of a program year, the electric distribution company shall provide an accounting to office of energy resource, the board, and the commission of the total amount paid to distributed generation facilities under standard contracts during that quarter, until the forty megawatt (40 MW) target is met;

(c) Until the forty megawatt (40 MW) target is met, the electric distribution company shall submit preliminary reports to office of energy resources, the board, and the commission indicating the number of standard contracts and total estimated annual generation, price, class, and any other relevant information for the purposes of better specifying classes, targets, or standard contract prices so as to achieve the purposes set forth in this chapter. Such reports shall be submitted no later than sixty (60) days prior to the end of the calendar year.

(d) The electric distribution company shall in consultation with the office utilize uniform standard forms for evaluating project proposals and shall rank projects according to uniform criteria.

(e) At the end of each enrollment, the electric distribution company shall, upon request by an applicant, provide said applicant with written feedback on the evaluation of said applicant's project proposal.

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