Title 39
Public Utilities and Carriers

Chapter 26.6
The Renewable Energy Growth Program

R.I. Gen. Laws § 39-26.6-10

§ 39-26.6-10. Timing and schedule of tariff filings.

(a) The electric distribution company shall file with the commission the first set of tariffs and solicitation rules pursuant to this chapter no later than November 15, 2014. Thereafter, the electric distribution company shall make tariff and solicitation rules filings with the commission no later than November 15 prior to the beginning of the applicable program year when necessary, which tariffs and rules shall be applicable for the next program year(s).

(b) Upon receiving the filing from the electric distribution company, the commission shall open a docket to consider the filing. The commission shall issue an order approving the proposed tariffs and solicitation rules; provided, however, that the commission may make any modifications that it deems appropriate consistent with the legislative purposes of this chapter as set forth herein.

(c) The commission shall approve tariff(s) and solicitation rules prior to the commencement of the applicable year(s).

(d) During the course of any program year, the electric distribution company may, at any time, in consultation with the office and the board, propose tariff or solicitation rules modifications. The commission shall consider the proposed modifications through an already open or new docket, and shall issue its order within one hundred five (105) days of the filing of the proposed modification. If approved, the proposed modification shall take effect for the next enrollment event following the issuance of the commission’s order.

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