Public Utilities and Carriers

CHAPTER 39-26.6
The Renewable Energy Growth Program

SECTION 39-26.6-7

§ 39-26.6-7. Solar project size categories.

(a) Tariff(s) shall be proposed for each of the following solar-distributed generation classes:

(1) Small-scale solar projects;

(2) Medium-scale solar projects;

(3) Commercial-scale solar projects; and

(4) Large-scale solar projects.

(b) Such classes of solar distributed-generation projects shall be established based on nameplate megawatt size as follows:

(1) Large scale: solar projects from one megawatt (1 MW), up to and including, five megawatts (5 MW) nameplate capacity;

(2) Commercial scale: solar projects greater than two hundred fifty kilowatts (250 kW), but less than one megawatt (1 MW) nameplate capacity;

(3) Medium scale: solar projects greater than twenty-five kilowatts (25 kW), up to and including, two hundred fifty kilowatts (250 kW) nameplate capacity; and

(4) Small scale: solar projects, up to and including, twenty-five kilowatts (25 kW) nameplate capacity.

(c) Other classifications of solar projects may also be proposed by the board, subject to the approval of the commission. After the second program year, the board may make recommendations to the commission to adjust the size categories of the solar classes, provided that the medium-scale solar projects may not exceed two hundred fifty kilowatts (250 kW); and/or allocated capacity to community distributed-generation facilities, allowing them to compete or enroll under a distinct ceiling price.

History of Section.
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