Public Utilities and Carriers

Regulatory Powers of Administration

SECTION 39-3-12

§ 39-3-12. Burden of proof to sustain increased rates – Modification of requirements.

At any hearing involving any proposed increase in any rate, toll, or charge, the burden of proof to show that the increase is necessary in order to obtain a reasonable compensation for the service rendered shall be upon the public utility; provided, that the commission may, in its discretion and for good cause shown, allow changes within less time than required by the notice specified in § 39-3-11, and without holding the hearing and investigation therein provided for, or modify the requirements of § 39-3-11 with respect to filing and publishing tariffs either in the particular instance or by general order applicable to special or particular circumstances or conditions, or may enter an interim order prescribing a temporary schedule of rates, tolls, and charges pending the completion of its investigation.

History of Section.
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