Public Utilities and Carriers

Hearings and Investigations

SECTION 39-4-7

§ 39-4-7. Hearings in locality of consumers affected.

In any matter within the jurisdiction of the division of public utilities and carriers, involving water rates, charges, or accommodation of the public, or the safety or potability of drinking water, and affecting the inhabitants of any particular community in any town or city, the division, upon request of the town or city council, as the case may be, so affected, shall hold at least one session of the public hearing on the matter within the county where the town or city is located; provided, however, the provisions of this section shall not apply to chapter 12 of this title; and provided, further, however, that the requesting authority shall provide suitable accommodation to be supplied by the town or city council, as the case may be, requesting the hearing.

History of Section.
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