Public Utilities and Carriers


SECTION 39-5-4

§ 39-5-4. Powers of Supreme Court.

The supreme court may reverse or affirm the judgments and orders of the commission and may remand a cause to it with such mandates as law or equity shall require; and the commission shall enter judgment or order in accordance with the mandates. The transfer of the cause to the supreme court shall not vacate or operate as a stay of any judgment or order of the commission, but the supreme court, or when not in session, a justice thereof, upon notice to interested parties, may suspend execution of the same with or without terms or conditions as justice and equity require; provided, however, that the execution of rate orders shall not be suspended at the request of a utility company unless the company files with the commission a bond running to the commission in an amount and with sureties approved by the court or a justice thereof conditioned that, within thirty (30) days after the termination of the proceedings, the company shall repay to the persons from whom collected, from and after the effective date of the commission's final order, all sums in excess of the rates finally determined to be just and reasonable.

History of Section.
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